Telemarketers of reddit reveal cruellest things public have said

Cold callers reveal cruel and bizarre put-downs
Telesales can really get you down (Picture: Alamy)

Telesales reps have been asked to reveal the cruellest things people have said to them over the phone. 

Cold callers of reddit disclosed the harshest and most bizarre put-downs they have suffered, presumably before being hung up on by disgruntled members of the public.

No one like being disturbed by strangers wasting their time with sales talk and most of us do not appear to be shy about telling random callers exactly what they think.

10. Man of the church

Richard Wilson possibly after speaking to a cold caller (Picture: BBC)
Richard Wilson possibly after speaking to a cold caller (Picture: BBC)

‘Son, you need to go to church this Sunday and ask God for forgiveness for your career choice.’

9. Cheese guy

‘I’m gonna slather you with cream cheese and take a goddam bite if you’re not careful.’

8. This guy

‘Of course you decided to call now. THAT WAS THE FIRST ERECTION I’VE HAD IN OVER TWO YEARS!

‘You think it’s funny, a**hole? Here, I’m gonna put my wife on the phone, so you can apologise to her.’

7. Telling it straight

Being in telesales can be upsetting (Picture: Alamy)
Being in telesales can be upsetting (Picture: Alamy)

‘You will always be a telemarketer.’

6. Priorities  

‘Well mate I can either sit here and chat to you about boilers or I can have sex with my wife …what do you think im gonna do?’

5. Out on bail

‘You know I’d love to buy your product, but I just spent all my money on bail… For killing telemarketers.’

4. McCauley Culkin

Film: Home Alone (1990) starring Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister.     home4.jpg
Macaulay Culkin (Picture: 20th Century Fox)

‘I always tell them I hope McCauley Culkin eats their dinner.’

3. You’re fired

‘When you’re fired, which you will be, I hope you remember me as being the reason.’

2. …

‘I’m going to eat your children.’

1. Ouch

‘I can’t believe they let people like you talk to people like me.’

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