Tesco analytics house Dunnhumby chooses Oracle cloud tools

Tesco's analytics house Dunnhumby has chosen Oracle's cloud tools

Tesco’s analytics organisation Dunnhumby has picked a suite of Oracle’s cloud tools in order to help improve its back-end systems and processes.

Dunnhumby has chosen to use Oracle’s services covering Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, ERP Cloud, Human Capital Management Cloud, Hyperion Managed Cloud Service and Business Intelligence Applications Managed Cloud Service.

Andrew Hamilton, global head of Strategic Planning at Dunnhumby, told V3 the firm had taken the decision to move to a series of cloud systems in order to end its current mix of on-premise and cloud tools.

“It gives us a simplified use case as everyone in different departments is accessing the same data and it means we have just one vendor to work with,” he said, noting the headaches that having multiple systems and hardware can cause.

The project began life last year when the firm set about picking a new cloud-based system for its tools. Having selected Oracle in October last year, it is now working on the design phase ahead of a global launch next year.

“We will be launching them in a ‘big bang’ approach at the end of our fiscal year and we expect to see numerous benefits from the automation it will offer too, especially by letting staff access tools from mobile devices,” he added.

Hamilton said building the tools would focus around creating a single global standard that would fit with best practices, rather than having to customise various bits of software, as it has done over the past seven years or so.

Hamilton also emphasised that no customer data was included in these plans to use Oracle’s cloud tools, with the focus just on its own business data.

Dunnhumby already uses Oracle services in-house too, such as its Exadata platform, and the move to use its cloud tools is a notable win for the firm.

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