Tesco take measures to stop people stealing plastic bags following 5p charge

Tesco take measures to stop people stealing plastic bags following 5p charge
THE WORLD’S GONE MAD (Picture: Mercury)

People are actually making themselves thieves for plastic bags.

Pray for humanity because the world’s gone mad.

In an attempt to protect their plastic bags from ‘thefts’ since the price hike was introduced, a branch of Tesco started fitting them with security tags.

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Apparently dropping £80 on scran for the week is fine – but there’s no way people are parting with another penny for a bag to carry it home in.

The store, in Surrey Quays, London, fitted the tags to a whole rack of their slightly thicker, 10p plastic bags by their self-service machines.

Customer Peter Young, 29, was left so ‘gobsmacked’ by the sight of them that he took a picture and asked Tesco why they had done it via Twitter.

To his surprise, he received a reply claiming that the tags were brought in to protect the bags from ‘thefts’ that had occurred at the store.

Peter, an officer in the Merchant Navy, said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when I got to the self-service counter and saw the bags with tags on. I thought at first it might be a joke but then when Tesco confirmed it was due to thefts I was gobsmacked.’

‘Surely there is a better use of the staff’s time and resources than trying to stop 10p bags being stolen. Presumably the time it takes to repeatedly tag and then untag these bags is more than the 10p anyway.’

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The Tesco Twitter account originally said: ‘I’ve spoken to the store and I’ve been informed that due to theft in the store the bags will be tagged.. They’re only tagged in the corner to avoid damage.’

Tesco claimed that the tagging of the plastic bags was a mistake and not store policy.

A Tesco spokesperson said: ‘We’ve been doing everything we can to help customers minimise the impact of the bag levy charge and we’re really pleased with how our customers have responded. This incident was a mistake, security tags should not be placed on this product.’

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10 October 2015 | 9:06 pm – Source: metro.co.uk


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