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Tesla expects over 35,000 deliveries in 2014

It’s a bit arbitrary to stop every 90 days and look back at what has been accomplished, but that’s how Wall Street looks at things, so why not? Tesla’s second quarter this year was another one of great progress for the electric car maker. There are a few main things that they’re working one, and they all moved forward significantly. Top of mind for most people is the work on battery Gigafactory, and the headline there is obviously the deal with Panasonic to provide some of the equipment and financing. Some preliminary work started on a site outside of Reno, Nevada, but this doesn’t mean that it will be the final site of the Gigafactory – the company has always said that the might break ground at many sites while they decide on the final one so as not to waste time – sites in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and now California too, are still in the running.

The goal is still to have the Gigafactory producing in time for the production of the lower-cost Model 3 electric car.

In the shareholder letter, Elon Musk wrote: “Our customers have now driven the Model S for 394 million miles globally, saving nearly 18 million gallons of gasoline.”

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The other main area of interest is of course Model S production. Between April and June, the company made 8,763 vehicles and delivered 7,579, a new record. The reason why more have been made than delivered is not because someone has a broken calculator, but because some are now shipped to Europe and Asia and they take a while to get there.

Tesla has been upgrading its factory in Fremont, California, to be able to produce the Model X, but also to increase the number of Model S EVs that it can make. If all goes well with the retooling, they should be able to deliver 35,000 EVs in 2014 and end the year at a run-rate of 100,000 EVs/year! Talk about growth! It was just last summer that Tesla was proud of its run-rate of 20,000 EVs/year.

They’ve also started making right-hand drive versions of the Model S to sell in places like the UK, where people drive on the wrong side of the road (hold the angry emails, I’m not serious).

The company expects to produce about 9,000 cars in the third quarter. That number would be about 11,000 if they didn’t have to shut down the plant to retool it for the Model X and for faster production. Interestingly, the Model X will be made on the same production lines as the Model S, making production flexible and able to meet whatever demand there is for each model.

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The company also keeps building new Supercharger stations around the world, providing these very fast-charging, clean energy-powered, free stations to its customers. They now have 156 of them around the world (most in the U.S.), and together they’ve delivered more than 1 GWh of energy to Model S vehicles in the month of June alone, representing 2.7 million miles of driving. “Since inception, our customers have driven for free nearly 32 million Supercharged miles, the same distance as traveling to the moon and back, sixty-five times!”

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