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400 miles of range in the Roadster 3.0

All the attention is now on the Model S, but many Tesla owners are still rocking their Roadsters and are quite happy with them (as long as they don’t need more than 2 seats). The electric car maker isn’t forgetting its original fans, without whom it could never have gotten to where it is today. To reward them for supporting the company when it was in its infancy and almost nobody believed that an EV could as good as a gasoline car (never mind better!).

Update: Tesla has just unveiled the Powerwall home battery system!

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So a few months ago, for xmas, Elon Musk announced an upgrade that he calls Roadster 3.0. It includes a new battery pack that can store 31% more power than the original one (70kWh vs. 53kWh), a new aerodynamic kit that brings the EV’s coefficient of drag from 0.36 to 0.31, and new tires with 20% better rolling resistance.

In a recent tweet, Musk confirmed that this should be available in August of this year:

Combining all of these improvements, Tesla says Roadster owners should be able to see a 40-50% improvement on range. “There is a set of speeds and driving conditions where we can confidently drive the Roadster 3.0 over 400 miles,” writes Tesla.

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Certified Pre-Owned Teslas

Another new thing from Tesla is a pre-owned vehicle page where fans who haven’t quite saved enough quarters to buy a brand new Tesla can go buy used ones for less. It also provides a nice service for Tesla owners who want to sell their Teslas and don’t want the hassle of setting up a private sale.

On the site you can filter results by cities and states and see what is available close to you. Some places have more inventory than others (the San Francisco Bay Area for example), and models go from the base 60kWh (which isn’t made anymore) to top of the line P85+ loaded Performance models.

I’m guessing that many of those came from people who exchanged them for new All Wheel Drive “D” models, with all the latest Autopilot bells and whistles.

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