Tesla Superchargers have delivered over 1 GWh last month, enough for 3.7 million electric miles : TreeHugger

“That’s like driving to the moon and back seven and a half times” just in June

Talk about exponential growth! It was just a little over two months ago that Tesla reported the installation of its 100th Supercharger and 14 million cumulative miles charged. Today, they are announcing a new milestone, with 1 GWh delivered from Supercharger stations just in the month of june, enough to power 3.7 million electric miles, and adding up to a cumulative total of 24.7 million miles and 1.1 million gallons of gasoline saved since Superchargers were launched less than 2 years ago! And remember, all this electricity comes from renewable sources and is free to Tesla owners (Tesla’s original catchphrase: “Drive for Free. Forever. On Sunlight.”).

And since for most of the first year there were few stations operational and relatively few Model S electric cars on the road, we should be seeing much bigger numbers come out of the next couple of years…

Tesla has created the infographic below to celebrate this milestone for what they describe as the “largest fast-charging network on the planet.” That’s easy to believe when you look at the maps showing where new stations are popping up.

© Tesla

Check out Tesla’s plans for the Supercharger network in North-America:

© Tesla

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