The baby name Gary could be wiped off the face of the Earth soon

Are you called Gary? Sorry, you won't want to read this bad news
Gary? Who’s Gary? (Picture: felixmizioznikov/Getty)

Here’s some news that will shock every Gary in the world to his or her core: That name is becoming completely extinct.

It’s been plummeting in popularity since the early 1950s – where America saw nearly 39,000 baby Garys (Gari?).

This is compared to 2013 with only 442, the lowest since 1928, according to

The name is now ranked number 578 in US popularity.

The last reported US baby girls named Gary was in 1997.

The graph shows the decline of Gary since the early 1950s (Picture:

Meanwhile, in the UK, Gary has been knocked out of the top 100 baby names.

It’s dominated by Mohamed, Oliver and Noah.

In 2013 only 28 boys in the UK were named Gary compared to 235 in 1996.

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