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When the power and convenience of an electric bike is combined with the extreme traction of fat tires, it results in a beastly bike that can go virtually anywhere.

When you go from riding a skinny-tired road bike to a mountain bike with fat tires, it opens up a whole new world of cycling, even if you don’t ever leave the pavement. With fat tires (and perhaps some suspension), your bike can float right over bumps and cracks in the road without rattling your teeth, hopping up or down curbs is almost effortless, and when you do hit the trail, the wide knobby tires can make easy work of rough singletracks.

But even with these advantages, there are still riding situations that can bog down a mountain bike, such as sandy and snowy conditions, and if you really want to go where most people don’t, then a fat bike is the next logical step.

Fat bikes, with their extremely wide (4″) tires, can make a sandy wash or a gravel road as easy to ride as a packed singletrack (well, almost as easy), and riding in and on snow and mud can be something you seek out instead of try to avoid. But those big fat tires also take some extra effort, and if your thighs aren’t quite up to the task of pedaling a fat bike through and over slush, snow, sand, gravel, or mud, a fat bike ride can be grueling. However, when you add the power of a 500W electric motor to a fat bike, such as Biktrix has done, a virtually unstoppable Juggernaut is created.

The Biktrix Juggernaut, which is being billed as “the best mid-motored electric fat bike under $2000 USD,” features an aluminum frame running 26″ x 4.0″ puncture resistant tires, with a 48V 500W motor doing the pushing and a 51V 10.4Ah battery providing the juice. This electric fat bike also features heavy gauge spokes (13ga) on the wheels, front and rear disc brakes, a Shimano 8 speed Avilio gearset, and a backlit LCD display for keeping track of battery and ride stats.

Biktrix, which currently offers conversions for turning road, mountain, cruiser, or custom bikes into affordable electric bikes, as well as offering custom electric conversion kits for a variety of applications, is launching the Juggernaut through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where backers at the $1599 USD level can grab one of the first off the line.
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If you’d like to ‘roll your own’ electric fat bike, Biktrix is also offering a 500W or 750W (US only) drivetrain-only package for $999, and the company’s open platform is designed to enable users to swap the complete electric drivetrain system to any other bike (said to be compatible with 90% of bikes), and to use any 48V battery to power it, so owners aren’t locked into buying a proprietary battery that can end up adding to the ownership costs.

Find out more about Biktrix at the company’s website, or get the details on the Juggernaut at the Kickstarter campaign page (where Biktrix has already raised over 80% of its goal with 25 days left to run).

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