The end for 3D TV: Sky finally kills off its channel, five years on

The end for 3D TV: Sky finally kills off its channel, five years on

Goodbye, terrible computer-generated films, silly glasses and bouts of seasickness – the 3D TV fad seems to be over.

Sky 3D, one of the pioneers of the format, has killed off its Sky 3D channel, five years after it launched.

The writing was on the wall late last year as Sky announced it would no longer show Premier League matches in 3D.

The BBC killed off its own 3D TV department in 2013, saying that viewers found it too much of a turn-off to wear glasses to watch shows.

Both broadcasters had high hopes for the format – but demand for 3D televisions has been low, and filming shows in the format, using specialised cameras, is extremely expensive.

Most home 3D TVs were more expensive than 2D TVs, and required users to wear cinema-style glasses to watch.

Users often complained that the glasses gave them headaches or made them feel seasick.


Technology companies have largely stopped hyping the format, switching instead to pushing ‘Ultra HD’ sets with screen resolutions four times as sharp as Full HD.

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Sky’s 3D content – including films and 3D documentaries with Sir David Attenborough – will still be available on demand.

Sky’s brand director Luke Bradley-Jones said, ‘Since its launch in 2010, Sky 3D has led the industry, becoming the home of incredible 3D content – from Sir David Attenborough’s award-winning documentaries like Flying Monsters, to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar.’

‘From June Sky 3D is going fully on-demand. From the latest 3D movie premieres like Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, to the very best in natural history with documentaries like Natural History Museum Alive, it will all be ready and waiting for our customers to view whenever it suits them.’

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