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Mission E to go from concept to reality

It looks like Porsche was pleased with the reception that its Mission E electric concept car received a few months ago when it was first introduced, because the company has now announced that it has green lit the project for commercial production. Part of me also wonders if the VW (the company that owns Porsche) emission-cheating scandal, and the apparent death of “clean diesel”, has helped redirect the company’s attention to electric cars, as I speculated about recently.

Don’t expect the production Mission E (which might be renamed to something else) imminently, though. All that Porsche has said is “before the end of the decade”, so it could be next year or it could be in four years…

Porsche Mission E electric car conceptPorsche/Promo image

This is a big investment for the company:

With the Mission E project, Porsche is continuing to back sustainable growth. In Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen alone more than 1,000 new jobs are being created. The company will be investing around 700 million euros in its main site there. Over the next few years, a new paint shop and a new assembly plant will be built. The existing engine factory is also being expanded for the production of electric motors. In addition, the existing body shop is being enlarged. On top of that come other areas in which the company will be investing in this context, such as in the Weissach development centre.

Hopefully this experience with electric drivetrains will help the parent company (VW) create more affordable and mainstream EVs that will have a bigger overall impact.

Porsche Mission E electric car conceptPorsche/Promo image

It seats 4 and packs 440 kW of total system power, which translates to almost 600 hp. Not that it matters that much when you’ve got that much power, but for comparison, the new Tesla P90D rates at 691 hp.

Porsche Mission E electric car conceptPorsche/Promo image

Porsche claims “more than 500 kilometers” of driving range, which in miles is about 310. That’s impressive, though remember that this is probably with the European testing methodology, which is different from the EPA numbers in the US. The Mission E features all-wheel drive – with torque automatically being distributed to the 4 wheels depending on the driving conditions – and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

Porsche Mission E electric car conceptPorsche/Promo image

One thing that is interesting on the electric Porsche is the charging technology. The company claims that an 80% charge can be achieved in 15 minutes thanks to an 800-volt charger.

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