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Regular readers of TreeHugger will know that I am obsessed with bathrooms and prefab. So when I learned that Deborah Schneiderman had written a book called “The Prefab Bathroom” I had to have it. Deborah is an associate professor of interior design at Pratt and previously wrote Inside Prefab, which I reviewed here.

Barbara covers a lot of the material that we covered in TreeHugger in my 8-part History of the Bathroom (our interests clearly overlap) but she takes a huge leap into the world of the graphic novel, or should I really call it an illustrated history, with wonderful illustrations by Bishakh Som. Because that is what it is, a romp through the history of the bathroom and the challenge of making it into a machine. Promoters of prefab anything have faced the problems that Bucky Fuller did:

© The Prefab Bathroom/ Bishakh Som

TreeHugger has covered many of the designs covered in the book, including Bucky Fuller’s in the Perils of Prefabrication and Joe Columbo’s Total Furnishing Unit.

© The Prefab Bathroom/ Bishakh Som

She devotes a couple of pages to my hero, Alexander Kira, and his Bathroom Book. She covers so many of my favorites, like Kieran Timberlake’s Cellophane house.

I have been trying to write my own History of the Bathroom book, and disagree with a few points in her first section on the history of the bathroom as we know it today, about why the 5×7 bath became the North American Standard (My version here) But it is a really minor quibble with an introductory part of her book.

© The Prefab Bathroom/ Bishakh Som

There are so many other milestones, so many designers and bathrooms and ideas, all wonderfully drawn by Bishakh Som The graphic format is wonderful; it’s funny, it’s easy to read, it’s a romp through what many would think is an obscure and boring subject, making it fascinating and fun. It’s terrific bathroom reading!

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