The naked selfies you thought you deleted could be accessed by your Android smartphone’s new owner, according to new research from Avast

Naked photos on old phones 'can still be found despite factory reset'
Embarrassing photos could be retrieved from some Android smartphones even if you deleted them (Picture: Getty)

Remember those naked selfies you took years ago? Well, someone may still be able to find them after all.

Even if you’ve deleted them from your old Android smartphone, researchers who managed to retrieve images off handsets they bought from eBay have claimed you’re still not safe.

Avast, a company that makes security software, discovered more than 40,000 images from 20 phones that included half-naked women and pictures of male genitalia.

They were able to access the images using basic forensic security programs, despite users having used factory reset which, although it wipes the index that points to the data locations, doesn’t eliminate storage areas that can be accessed directly.

It means anyone who sells their phone could potentially have their personal photos accessed, as well as other sensitive information such as addresses.

The Android OS maker Google said the versions of its system from 3.0 onwards are more difficult to hack once data had been deleted.

Newer iPhones and iPads are not thought to be prone to the same issues due to the way their data is encrypted, making it unreadable after a reset.

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