The organiser of Carnage Events Magaluf has refused to apologise to the girl filmed giving oral sex to 24 men during one of his bar crawls and denies all responsibility saying her parents are to blame

Carnage Magaluf refuses to apologise to girl filmed giving oral sex
Paul Smith, organiser of Carnage Events Magaluf, during a press conference (Picture: 5 News)

The organiser of a Magaluf club night where a British teenager was filmed performing a sex act on 24 men has refused to apologise to the girl or her family, and has shirked any responsibility for the incident.

Paul Smith, head of Carnage Events Magaluf said he was ‘disgusted’ by the video released last week that showed a girl giving oral sex to a group of men, however he believes that he should not have to apologise as the group were ‘giving memories’ to revellers.

The video of the girl who is believed to be only 17 quickly went viral and has since prompted a police probe into the incident.

Speaking to 5 News, Mr Smith, from London, said: ‘Why should I apologise? what have I done wrong?’

He admitted that he should have been there to control the situation, but maintained that ‘Carnage never forced her to do what she did’.

Although Mr Smith admitted that he had made mistakes and was ‘only human’, he placed the blame solely on the girl in the video.

He said: ‘I can’t say that my reps encouraged that as that’s not what happened.

‘She should be spoken to by her parents. It’s something to do with her upbringing.’

Mr Smith’s comments come as new laws cracking down on bar crawls are introduced in the Mediterranean party town.

Authorities will enforce rules that will limit the amount of holiday makers taking part in a bar crawl to 50.

Magaluf blowjob video: British girl who gave oral sex to 24 men told 'she would get holiday'
An image from the video of the incident (Picture: mallorcadiario)


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