The Phantom Pain bug can wipe saved games (Wired UK)


If you’re already deep into Metal Gear Solid V, beware: there’s a game-breaking, save data-wiping bug in Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece. Consider this your alert sound.

Players who take supporting character Quiet with them on certain missions will see all progress eradicated. The save file becomes corrupt, and restarting is impossible. The error affects the game on all formats — PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

The solution to this crippling bug? As Konami posted on its official forums, “this situation can be avoided by not using Quiet as a buddy while playing either ‘Mission 29’ or ‘Mission 42’.”

It’s not exactly the kind of fix players might hope for. Anyone coming to the game a few years from now, when awareness of the bug may be lost, may be caught unawares without an actual fix being rolled out.

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, though Konami adds “We deeply apologise, and appreciate your patience for further announcements regarding this issue.” That at least implies a patch may be forthcoming.

Development of The Phantom Pain over the last year has been fraught with tension between Konami and director Hideo Kojima. Kojima’s internal development team has been disbanded, and Konami has cancelled what was to be his next game, a reboot of horror series Silent Hills, which was being┬ádesigned with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

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