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The ultimate form of transport (Alamy)

A new report from the University of East Anglia states the stunningly obvious – that we would prefer to take the bus or train to work than to drive. We’d also prefer to bicycle or walk.

The reasons are just as obvious – we’d prefer to read than drive; or, to be more accurate, than sit steaming in a traffic jam.

As my colleague, Andrew Brown, wrote recently, driving can be a pleasure – on the open road, with uplifting sounds on the radio. But the problem is, the road isn’t open any more – except in rural parts of the country. And, when the roads are packed, the joy of driving becomes pure misery.

Martin Amis once wrote that, wherever we drive, we always have the Platonic ideal of the open road in the back of our minds. And the mismatch between that ideal and the reality of the traffic jam ahead of you causes instant irritation.

Of course the joy of driving could be restored tomorrow – if all the cars on the road, apart from mine, were banned from the road.

Until that day comes, I’ll stick to bicycling – when you attain the Platonic ideal of the open road on every journey.

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