The Queen at 90: 9 technologies she’s seen come and go, from floppy disks to VHS

The Queen looks at a computer

‘Time to delete the Myspace profile’ – The Queen has seen many tech trends and technologies come and go

The Queen is turning 90. Well, she celebrated her actual birthday in April but her ‘official’ birthday is this Saturday, 11 June. Confused? Best not to worry about these matters. Let the nobles take care of it.

The Queen’s turning 90 comes some nine months after she became Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. Not bad going at all.

All this got V3 thinking about Her Majesty’s long and glorious reign, and life, and some of technologies she has outlived and outlasted, particularly since she became queen in 1952, which broadly mirrors the birth of the tech era.

So we put together a little list of some of the tech that has been and gone in that time.

9. The floppy disk

Floppy disk

The unfortunately named floppy disk was invented by IBM’s Alan Shugart in 1967 as an affordable and portable data storage device.

The first floppy drives took 8in disks, which soon shrunk to 5.25in. Sony launched the first 3.5in floppy in 1981, which is the device the majority of us will remember. It became a necessary tool for sharing and transferring files between computers for nearly three decades, traditionally having 1.44MB of storage.

However, file sizes grew and most manufacturers had stopped producing floppy disks by the late 1990s. Apple was the first to shun the technology, producing the first iMac in 1998 without support for the floppy disk, and the storage device was soon consigned to the history books.

Except as the save icon, where it is so well known that it seems unlikely ever to be replaced.

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