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Two summers ago I must have been in my canoe or under a rock, because I missed this lovely little apartment in Rome that apparently owned the design internet then, starting at Business Insider and ending up in LifeEdited. where even David Friedlander wasn’t sure it was “someplace I’d want to live in for a sustained period of time” so you know it’s small.

Yes it is small, but as owner and architect Marco Pierazzi notes, lots of people lived that way.

I found that the small room was used as a residence since the ’30s. Rome was different then, were the days when it was enough for the poor a bed, a stove and washing, a short distance there was the “golden” Tiber!

© Matteo Rossi

In fact, it is in a wonderful location, a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, the best of Rome becomes your living room, dining room and recreation room. How much space do you need in such a place? (See my tour of Rome here)

© Marco Pierazzi

There are a lot of features that we don’t see on much larger tiny homes, including a real stair (albeit narrow, it’s better than a ladder)

© Marco Pierazzi

A clever trap door provides more floor area when you are in the bedroom/ living room (although makes it awkward to go to the bathroom in a hurry at night)

© Marco Pierazzi

There is a full bathroom,

© Marco Pierazzi

And a workable kitchen, although the cheap pasta lunch I around the corner was terrific. I wonder how often it is actually used.

© Matteo Rossi

Sure, it takes a little ‘adjustment to move in so confined spaces but are familiar, you realize that there is all you need and foremost is amazingly comfortable! It cleans and organizes the house in the blink of an eye, everything is at hand and does not feel the need for more space, at least until you decide to invite friends! At the table you can sit a maximum of three people (maybe four?), One of which, according to the project will use as chair the second rung of the ladder!

The designer, Marco Pierazzi, now has a child and found it a bit small for three, and uses it now as a pied-a-terre and rents it out. Book here.

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