The Truth Behind Immune System Dysfunction & Why Detoxing Has Never Worked

At 35 I found myself exhausted and unwell. After a bad divorce, years of emotional turmoil, chronic back pain and financial pressures, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.

I believe in alternative medicine and only go to the doctor for routine pap smears, skin cancer checks and blood tests. I have always understood the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. I thought I had a pretty balanced lifestyle and figured that this diagnosis of adrenal fatigue was simply caused by emotional stress. So I packed up my life, moved to a tropical country and took a year off to do yoga, cleanse and recuperate.

What happened over the next 5 years was a frustrating and further exhausting process of trying to get my energy and my life back. I tried every diet, detox and cleanse I could find, at times making myself even more unwell in a desperate attempt to find answers.

I kept contracting life-threatening viruses such as dengue fever (twice!), typhoid, shingles and what seemed to be any minor cold, flu, infection and bug that was ‘going around.’ I was constantly tired, getting migraines, severe bladder infections, ear and throat infections, and thrush, as well as putting on weight, even though I was eating a low calorie, mostly raw diet and exercising daily.

I felt like my body was falling apart. For someone who has always been strong and healthy, being in this weakened state was completely disempowering. My self-esteem was at an all-time low and I could see no way out.

The condition of Systemic Candida was not new to me. I had done the Candida diet years before for an entire 12 months – cutting out all dairy, meat, grains, alcohol, sugar and processed food from my diet. I understood that an imbalance of Candida in the body can cause a myriad of conditions – from aches and pains to skin conditions, food allergies, thrush and even cognitive effects such as memory loss and foggy thinking.

What I didn’t understand however, was how Candida Fungus actually works and that no amount of detoxing and cleansing will ever cure it – unless you understand that this fungus has its very own survival mechanism.

Candida builds a protective shell around itself in order to survive. This is called a Chitin Shell and is similar to the exoskeleton crickets and grasshoppers have. Unless you remove this Chitin shell, there is no way you can destroy the Candida, nor the toxins bound within.

This discovery was the one thing that changed my life.

You probably already know that we all have Candida Albicans in our gut. It is a fungus and one part of a complex system called the Human Microbiome, which aids our digestion and helps support the Immune System.

Another thing Candida Fungus does is help catch toxins in order to protect our body systems internally. When a toxin is absorbed, ingested or inhaled (parasites, heavy metals in vaccines, chemicals in cosmetics, fluoride and chlorine in water, pesticides in our food, pollution, exhaust fumes, pharmaceuticals, processed food etc), the body immediately identifies it as an invader and tries to remove it.

If the body has too many toxins to deal with, if one or more of our filtering organs (liver, kidneys, blood, lymph, skin, etc) is stressed, or the body doesn’t know how to eliminate them, a fungus is formed around that toxin as a protection solution. When the immune system is trying to manage an overload of toxins and stress at once, more and more fungus is created, as there are simply too many free-radicals to deal with.

The more toxins there are, the more fungus is created, the more imbalance is caused, the more acidic the body becomes and the less effective the immune system is. When the immune system is weak, you become easily susceptible to viruses, bacteria and disease. Your body becomes exhausted and weak as it is working overtime just to keep the invaders at bay.





At this point you may ask, why can’t a detox, diet and lifestyle change plus a full body cleanse fix this situation? I thought the same thing. I tried dry brushing my skin to improve circulation, trampolining to stimulate my lymph system, I drank apple cider vinegar and took sodium bicarbonate three times a day to alkalize my digestive system, I ate raw and organic, tried juice cleanses, fasting, chlorella and two hours a day of yoga to increase my blood/oxygen levels, ginseng, bentonite clay, probiotics, coffee enemas, parasite cleanses, liver cleanses, homeopathy, kinesiology, I gave up sugar, alcohol, drank litres of water every day, slept more than 8 hours a night, stopped work stress, got a dog, meditated, painted, swam in the ocean every day, made new friends, tried therapy and sat in nature. But still no change.

I was truly about to give up, when I discovered Candetox – it is Candida Kryptonite! A friend told me about this compound called Lufenuron. When I researched it properly, I discovered it is what’s called a Chitin Shell Synthesis Inhibitor – which means it removes and stops the regrowth of the protective coating that keeps Systemic Candida alive.

I had tried everything else so felt I had nothing to lose with trying this detox. The name is very clever; Candetox – it really does make it possible to detox! First it removes the Chitin shell around the Candida. Whilst you are doing the detox you must support your body with the correct alkaline diet – this is so your immune system can reignite and reduce the population of Candida back to a safe level. Then you use parasite and heavy metal removers to pull the toxins out that are bound within the centre of the Candida.

The process is challenging, particularly if you have a bad case of Systemic Candida. But it really is the only thing that gets to the root cause of body imbalance. The problem today is the amount of toxins we are exposed to. Even if you are a healthy, balanced person who never eats processed food or takes medication, you are still exposed to an endless array of chemicals and pathogens. Systemic Candida is therefore practically epidemic as a result and it is very difficult to diagnose – so most people don’t even know they have it.

I can honestly say that after 5 years of trying, this detox was the only thing that made it possible for me to get my life back. I finally feel energetic and positive again. Of course I am still very careful about keeping balance in my life, but my immune system is working again, so even if I do fall off the wagon every now and then, I can recover quickly. I have lost weight, gained muscle, have no food allergies, don’t get sick and can eat whatever I want.

Thank you Candetox!!

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