The wacky and wonderful phones of IFA (that almost no-one will buy) (Wired UK)

IFA is known more for its TVs and appliances than for its smartphones, but this year a flock of surprising handsets has appeared — almost none of which are from the biggest hitters. 

The unfortunate truth for the companies that make them is that most of these phones won’t cause any shifts in Android market share. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a second glance however. Here we take a look at the kooky and the cool, picking out the defining special feature for each. 

Katie Collins

Lenovo Phab Plus

The Lenovo Phab Plus is comedically huge. The trend for preposterously oversized handsets has slowly died a death, with most smartphone manufacturers settling on 5.5 inches as the ideal size for bigger models. Not Lenovo though. Oh no.

The Phab Plus supposedly offers “the best of both worlds”, sitting at the 6.8-inch “sweet spot” between phone and tablet. We’re not sure we’d use those words to describe this device, which is going to look pretty silly held up to your ear.

Acer Jade Primo

Is that a Windows 10 smartphone we spy in Acer’s press conference presentation? Surely not. Like the first daffodil of spring, the Jade Primo is an early example of the latest version of Microsoft’s cross-platform operating system running on a mobile phone. Like the daffodil, it might not stick around for long, but many brighter and more interesting specimens are bound to appear in its place.

Katie Collins

Lenovo Vibe S1

The Vibe S1 is designed specifically for those who are serious about selfies. It comes with two forward-facing cameras. The first, an eight-megapixel snapper shoots for sharpness and details; the second, a 2-megapixel camera looks for depth. With no end in sight to our zeal for obsessive self-portraiture, this might be Lenovo’s biggest winner.

Huawei Mate S

Katie Collins

It might be stretching the truth to say that no-one will buy the Mate S — it’s likely to be extremely popular in China. It does however boast some weird and wonderful features, hence its inclusion on this list.

Feature number one is a special touch ability that lets you use your knuckle to easily take a screenshot or open an app, simply by writing the first letter of its name on the homescreen. Feature number two is the pressure sensor built into the phone, which lets you rest an object on the phone’s screen — think fruit and veg, rather than rocks and cars — in order to weigh it.

Lenovo Smart Cast Projector Phone

We can say with confidence that no-one will be buying this Lenovo phone as for now it remains only a concept. It is without a doubt one of the coolest things to come out of IFA this year, however, and despite its current flaws, we’re enamoured with the idea of projecting a touchscreen or keyboard onto the desk in front of us.

Think back to Samsung’s projector phones of the past and laugh — this is a whole new generation of technology, and one we hope will shift from being a concept to a solid and saleable reality in the near future.

Marshall London

Katie Collins

The Marshall London is a special and specialist device that aims to offer a fantastic music experience. A dedicated sound card to handle music processing, great stereo speakers and bundled earbuds, dual headphone jacks, a DJ mode and clever on-board software make this ideal for audiophiles. Design cues borrowed from Marshall’s classic, leather-clad amplifiers enhance it even further. 

Lenovo Vibe P1

Katie Collins

The last of Lenovo’s phone lineup to make the list, but one that features something many smartphone users have been crying out for for years — a mammoth battery. The Vibe P1 contains a 5,000mAh battery module, which is about twice the size of the batteries in most smartphones. If our maths is correct, that means double battery life.

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