The way this Pomeranian dog sneezes is just ridiculous

Few things in life bring us as much pleasure and animals making funny noises*, but this might be the best yet.

Who would have thought such a tiny dog could make such a loud, prolonged and downright weird noise while sneezing?

The little Pomeranian, called Roux, violently rattles his head from side-to-side as he lets out the thunderous sneeze, before looking at the camera, clearly embarrassed by his outburst.

Surely this will join the likes of the screaming seal or the goat who sounds like a man in the pantheon or weird animal noises?

*(unless you are a certain American dentist, in which case you probably prefer the sound of animals dying…)

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The way this dog sneezes is just ridiculous
Here we go… (Picture: Youtube/Roux The Pomeranian)

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