The ‘world’s first real 3D printer’ was inspired by Terminator 2 and created by Carbon3D

Remember that sweet scene from Terminator 2 when the baddie emerges from a puddle of liquid to try and kill John Connor?

Well now there is a 3D printer that can really do that – except that instead of a murderous terminator it is more likely to make you something like a nice model of the Eiffel Tower.

We’re not kidding, the T-1000 actually was the inspiration for the new printer from Carbon3D, who call it the world’s first ‘real 3D printer’.

Mind blowing new 3D printer was actually inspired by Terminator 2

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Joseph DeSimone, a professor of chemistry at University of North Carolina and North Carolina State as well as one of Carbon3D’s co-founders, said: ‘We think that popular 3-D printing is actually misnamed — it’s really just 2-D printing over and over again.’

That’s why they developed ‘continuous liquid interface production technology’, or CLIP.

We all remember this guy (Picture: Youtube)
We all remember this guy (Picture: Youtube/Kanal tilhørende Mental000)

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It’s complicated stuff, but basically a pool of resin is placed above a digital light projection system which allows light and oxygen to travel through it, dictating what shape it should take.

This now allows a fully formed object to rise out of the resin (just like that creepy T-1000), but also lets you 3D print an object 25 to 100 times faster than any other existing 3D printer.

Carbon3D, while being impressed with existing 3D printing methods, say they are only suitable for creating prototypes, not for manufacturnig products.

‘That’s what we’re most interested in changing,’ said chief marketing officer Rob Schoeben.

As long as the things rising from the liquid don’t start coming to life and killing people we’re happy.

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