The worst attempt at jumping into a pool ever

This video is a good metaphor for losing your virginity – a load of build up and suspense, followed by disappointment… and laughing.

Look, if you are going to use a garden chair as a platform from which to leap into a pool, at least make sure it can support your weight before-hand.

This gentleman forgot this rule, which is why he failed at one of the easiest tasks imaginable – jumping into a pool.

After belly-flopping half into the pool and half out of it, all the poor guy can do is gingerly stare at his feet while his buddy laughs until he chokes.

Chin up mate – at least this embarrassing footage wasn’t put on Youtube so the whole world could witness your failed attempt… oh, wait.

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The worst attempt at jumping into a pool ever
So close, yet so so far (Picture: Youtube/Cole Mackenzie


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