These are the best ever hoverboard fails

People failing to get to grips with hoverboards
The hoverboard life is a tough one (Picture: trollmedia)

There’s something quite pleasant about watching a hoverboard fail.

We don’t quite know why…

Actually we do, it’s because we find people falling flat on their face funny.

Plus they look ridiculous when riding the Swegways so they deserve it.

Here are a few hoverboard fails to brighten up your day.

Please don’t let your parents get involved or this could happen

This was a fun fail

It involved a member of the public getting a policewoman to ride one even though they’re illegal to use on the streets

Police hoverboard
Caught in the act (Picture: IG)

It’s also a mistake to ride them on live TV, with Watchdog presenter Chris Hollins finding this out the hard way

This is a seemingly deserved fail as the guy who got taken out by a passer-by was apparently trying to steal a Swegway

F*** it. There are so many fails we’ll just include this compilation video from Jrizzy Jeremy to show them

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