These Iranian men are taking selfies in hijabs in response to the facebook group my stealthy freedom which encourages women to take pictures without wearing hijabs

Men posting hijab selfies 'in protest against Facebook group'
Some of the selfies that feature in the group (Picture: Facebook)

Is this growing trend part of an online backlash against Iranian women?

The My Stealthy Freedom Facebook group was launched earlier this month by Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist based in London, with the aim of encouraging conversation about women’s right to choose what to wear.

My stealthy freedom
A woman poses without a hijab in an image submitted to My Stealthy Freedom (Picture: Facebook)

Women submit pictures of themselves with their hair exposed in defiance of a law requiring them to wear hijabs in public. Around 30,000 photos were uploaded to the group in its first two days.

My stealthy freedom
The page attracted 30,000 submissions in the first two days (Picture: Facebook)

In an apparent response to the group, a page was launched called Men’s Stealthy Freedom, which features pictures of Iranian men wearing makeshift hijabs.

Iran men in Hijab  taken by pej from
(Picture: Facebook)

The group is described as being ‘just for fun’, and the selfies certainly don’t convey any overriding sense of anger.

However, they do serve to remind us of an extremely difficult month for women’s rights in the country.

Iran men in Hijab  taken by pej from
(Picture: Facebook)

Activists are demanding Leila Hatami be subjected to flogging, after the Iranian actor was seen kissing the Cannes film festival president Gilles Jacob on the cheek.

Around the same time, a group of female teenagers were arrested and forced to apologise for ‘hurting public chastity’, after they made a YouTube clip of themselves singing along to Pharrell William’s song Happy with their hair uncovered.

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