Thief in St Petersburg, Florida, steals car with a baby inside from a church parking lot and he returns the baby, not the car

Like many great stories, this one begins in a city in Florida.

Police in St Petersburg have released footage of a suspect who stole a car from a church parking lot – only to return a few minutes later to drop off the baby that was in the back seat.

The video shows the man hurriedly returning the baby – car seat and all – to the church porch, before knocking on the door and sprinting back to the stolen vehicle.

Car thief returns baby, but not the car
The thief returns the baby after discovering it in the stolen car (Picture: St Petersburg Police Dept)

The owners of the car were unloading tables and chairs from the boot in preparation for their church service – the opportunist thief struck when they briefly went inside to set them up.

car thief
He then flees, returning to the car (Picture: St Petersburg Police Dept)

The baby was unharmed, though the car is still missing.

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