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With this wireless speaker, the music never ends, at least as long as you’ve got more candles.

The wider adoption of portable Bluetooth speakers for streaming music from smartphones and tablets has made playing your music or podcasts wherever you are that much easier, but they also require either a power cord or plenty of batteries to keep the tunes coming. A power cord requires an outlet, and extra batteries need to be charged (or purchased) ahead of time, but with this speaker, you can ditch both the cord and the batteries, and stock up on candles instead.

The Pelty Bluetooth speaker is a world apart from most other similar products, in that it’s not only functional, but it’s also very beautiful, as it’s made from Italian ceramic and glass instead of plastic. The electricity to power the Pelty comes from the heat of a flame, ( a candle, to be exact) which is enhanced by the product’s design, and converted to usable power by the device’s thermoelectric generator.

The name is a nod to the discoverer of the thermoelectric effect (the Peltier effect) behind the device’s power generation method (a Peltier cooler). According to the team behind the Pelty, Peltier coolers are very inefficient on their own, but by coupling it to a design that can maximize the temperature differences necessary to produce adequate power, and enclosing the heat chamber in glass, enough electricity is generated by the unit to sufficiently power the speaker at volumes comparable to other similar speakers.

“Ceramic, in particular, is used on the one hand because of its resistance to heat and the excellent acoustic and insulation properties and on the other hand because it’s an elegant and natural premium quality material that perfectly matches the concept of Pelty.”

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Here’s a quick glimpse at the product:

A single candle can produce hours of power to the device (depending on the size of the candle), and although Pelty has specific candles that fit perfectly with the design, almost any candle will work. The Pelty can put out 95db (measured at 50cm away) from its 3″ full range speaker, which is comparable to other small Bluetooth speakers, and is said to be designed “for music-lovers.”

To get this elegant new speaker into production, designer Gianluca Gamba and his partners have turned to (what else?) crowdfunding to raise the money. The Pelty Indiegogo campaign, which seeks to raise $100,000 toward production and further R&D on the device’s design and packaging, has already sold out of the Early Bird rewards ($199 for one of the first 50 devices made), but still has plenty of the colored version available to backers at the $265 level.

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