This chicken egg found by a farmer in China has a tail

Er... does this egg have a tail?
Would you eat it? (Picture: CEN)

Has Mr Burns come to life and started dumping chemical waste all over the place?

First we had the piglet born with a penis on its head, now there is an egg with a tail.

Chicken farmer Wang Yu, from China, was delighted when one of his prize hens finally laid an egg, however this wasn’t quite a smooth as the others he usually collects from his flock.

The 75-year-old said: ‘When I went into the coop and found this weird tail I assumed someone was playing a joke on me

‘I’ve been farming chickens all my life and have never come across anything like this.’

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When Yu showed the strange egg to one of his farmer friends they theorised the mutation might be a result of stress.

‘My friend is a bit of an expert on chickens and he said the hen had most likely been shocked or surprised by something during the laying process,’ he said.

Rather than sell or eat the egg Yu says he will keep it as a souvenir.

He called it a ‘once in a lifetime experience for me and I want to keep it for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to see’.

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