This family live on an incredible self-sustained floating fortress near British Columbia, Canada

This family live on an incredible self-sustained floating fortress
The fortress is entirely self-sustaining (Picture: Facebook)

Ever wanted to get away from it all?

So did one Canadian couple – so they built a floating home miles from civilisation.

Wayne Adams and Catherine King, built the pink and blue 12-platform, self-sustained ‘Freedom Cove’ 30 minutes off the coast of Tofino, Canada, in 1992, and they’ve been there ever since.

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277B0C0A00000578-3035438-King_left_and_Adams_right_have_lived_on_the_structure_for_more_t-m-117_1428818920339.jpg  Wayne Adams and Catherine King live in the 12-platformed structure, built in 1992, off the coast of Tofino, British Columbia Dubbed 'Freedom Cove', the home consists of wooden structures, green houses and living spaces connected through a wooden pathway The couple gather their own water from local sources and grow vegetables Electricity is supplied to the home through solar panels and photovoltaic energy generators
Wayne Adams and Catherine King built the ‘Freedom Cove’ in 1992 (Picture: Facebook)

The pair grow fruit and vegetables in one of several greenhouses, and use solar powers and photovoltaic energy generators for electricity. In winter months, they collect rainwater for drinking and in summer, they use a nearby waterfall.

The couple and their two children, Eleanor and Alistair, live in an ecosystem alongside deer, wolves, otters and birds, Plaid Zebra reports and used to keep livestock before the threat of predators made it impossible.

The couple, who spend their time carving or tending to their gardens, say they love visitors and are happy to give tours of their home.

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