This Guy is Serving Life in Prison for Buying a Few Pounds of Weed

Displaying the failure of the War on Drugs in one of its most heinous forms, a great-grandfather is currently serving life in prison in Missouri for purchasing seven pounds of cannabis two decades ago. He’s already served nearly 20 years for the offense.

Jeff Mizanskey is a repeat cannabis offender. He has three strikes, which are what landed him a life sentence, all for marijuana sales and purchasing.
Mizanskey says that he’s seen multiple murderers and rapists go in and out of prison, while he is stuck behind bars for a non-violent, victimless crime. This is why the ‘Land of the Free’ has the highest prison rates in the world; we imprison non-violent victimless “criminals” who are caught with a substance that a bureaucrat has deemed illegal. However these same bureaucrats have approved thousands of pharmaceutical drugs which in the real world cause much more harm than illegal drugs do. In fact, ‘legal’ drugs kill more Americans today than ‘illegal’ ones do, yet government thugs still put innocent people in cages for selling a natural plant.

His attorney is working on an effort to get people to write letters to Governor Nixon and contact his constituents’ office at 573-751-3222. You can also sign the petition to get Jeff Mizanskey pardoned here.

laredocopsThe people who should be in jail are anyone who enforces these laws and the lawmakers who have taken countless lives and liberties by passing unjust legislation. If there was no victim, then there was no crime. There’s really not much more to it. All non-violent drug offenders in jail should be set free.

Cannabis should have never been made illegal considering its many medical and industrial uses. Using cannabis has a very mellow high, which is clearly less dangerous than drinking alcohol or even smoking cigarettes. Oreos kill more people than marijuana, but that’s for another article. We’ve been lied to about cannabis for a long time.

Harder drugs such as meth and heroin, which are obviously terrible for your health, have not disappeared and wont go away by putting people in jail for doing them. Addiction to hard drugs is a health issue that must be treated as such; rehabilitation and treatment are the only ways to overcome drug addiction.

One thing is painfully clear: the ‘War on Drugs’ was a massive, harmful, racist, regressive, expensive failure and it’s time to end it.

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