‘This is how we glue it’: American worker gets disciplinary for singing

If you're going to get into trouble at work, this is how you do it...
This employee was told off at work for making glueing more bearable (Picture: Reddit)

If you’ve ever thought about injecting some life into your office with a cheerful ditty, don’t. It could land you a disciplinary.

That’s exactly what happened to one worker in America who couldn’t resist chanting ‘this is how we glue it’ every time they made a trip to the glueing station.

Hilarious? Yes. Annoying? Probably after the tenth time.

The boss swiftly issued a disciplinary notice.

Under ‘details of occurrence’ it reads: ‘Complaints from other employees. [Worker] is singing loudly ‘this is how we glue it’ at the glueing station.’

The problem was filed under ‘other: disruptive’ and necessary steps to improve include: ‘be quieter’.

Fans of the notice – which has been posted on Reddit – have since shared their own personal firing stories.

One user said he friend was sacked for insisting on counting everything like The Count from Sesame Street – ah, hah, HAH!

Remind yourself of the original track here:

18 May 2014 | 3:37 pm – Source: metro.co.uk

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