This is the most people who have ever sat on a chair

This is the most people you will see sitting on a chair
This took some doing (Picture: Yamagata City)

This chair must have been really strong to not have broken after 1,831 sat on it.

A group in Japan ended up breaking the record for the number of people on a chair as a result.

Obviously they weren’t all sitting down in the traditional sense and were instead in a line resting on the person directly behind.

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‘One man at the end of the row sat on a chair,’ said an official in Yamagata city, where the record took place.

It wasn’t straight forward though as it took them two attempts to surpass the 1,666 people who set the previous record in Macau, in 2013.

They had to keep stationary for a minute or longer to achieve the feat at the high school yesterday and were recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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