This is the next hoverboard craze (Wired UK)


Think hoverboards are just a fad? Think again. At CES 2016 the next generation of mass-produced, affordable ride-alongs is making its debut.

A number of companies were showing off new versions of hoverboards, Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Kebe demonstrating one with a seat. A bit like a two-wheeled electric unicycle, the new-look hoverboard has a bicycle saddle on a pole in the middle.

The base is slightly chunkier than on standard hoverboards and a company representative claimed that it was easier to steer and less prone to throwing its riders onto the floor.

But the extra stability comes at a cost: the sit-down hoverboard is likely to cost at least $100 (£69) more than standard models. Shenzhen Kebe reckons they will be on sale in Europe and the USA in the next couple of months.


Another new riff on the hoverboard theme is the electric skateboard.

Again, a number of companies were showing-off similar products, but they all have the same design: a skateboard with a battery and a remote control. The remote is used to make the skateboard accelerate and brake, with an extra option to go backwards or forwards.

The skateboards can go at around 12mph and should be priced similarly to standard hoverboards. Again, they are likely to go on sale in the next couple of months.

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