This is the world’s first Braille smartwatch

This is the world's first Braille smartwatch
(Picture: Dot)

A tech company has developed the world’s first ever braille smartwatch.

South Korean developer Dot came up with a device that uses a refreshable Braille display made up of a series of dots which can project up to four Braille characters at a time, Science Alert reports.

Users can change the speed at which these characters refresh, which has the same effect for people with impaired vision as scrolling fast or slow through a text.

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(Picture: Dot)
(Picture: Dot)

‘Ninety percent of blind people become blind after birth, and there’s nothing for them right now – they lose their access to information so suddenly,’ Eric Ju Yoon Kim, Dot’s co-founder and CEO, told Tech in Asia.

‘Dot can be their lifeline, so they can learn Braille and access everyday information through their fingers, which is the goal of Braille literacy.’

Like other smartwatches, Dot keeps time, has an alarm, a messenger app, navigation and Bluetooth. Battery life is around 10 hours of active refreshing, or the equivalent of five days of use.

They also serve as e-readers because the size of display isn’t an issue, as it is with traditional smartwatches.

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