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Designed specifically for SmartThings, this connected device replaces standard “dumb” irrigation controllers and brings smart home functionality to your yard.

Water conservation ought to be a top-of-mind issue all of the time, but especially right now, when drought conditions threaten not only agriculture, but our urban water supplies. Focusing on conserving our precious freshwater resources is something that all of us ought to do our part in, and because one of the water uses that we actually have some control over is what we use in our homes and yards, reducing our own individual residential water consumption can help to make a difference.

And the emerging field of “smart” things, which can automate and optimize tasks in our homes and offices, has been making strides in developing devices that can convert our lawns and gardens into smart yards, conserving both water and time. I’ve covered a few of the latest smart irrigation and sprinkler controllers, including ones with wireless moisture sensors, but there’s a new kid on the block, which promises to connect your smart yard to your smart home.

The Eve irrigation system is built around a smart controller (available with 8 or 16 zone capability) that was specifically designed to take advantage of the SmartThings Hub, which serves as a central platform for connecting sensors and other smart devices throughout a home. The Eve controller communicates with the Adam wireless moisture sensors, along with local weather data (the predicted evapotranspiration rate), to gauge the amount of water needed in a given area of the yard, and to intelligently schedule watering and save up to 60% of the water commonly used by conventional timer-based controllers.

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“The Eve Ecosystem monitors soil moisture throughout your yard, then takes control to optimize watering . Put a few Adam wireless moisture sensors around the yard, boot up your smart phone, and forget about your sprinklers. Eve controls your entire irrigation system, deciding when to water, and for how long.” – Eve Irrigation Controller

In addition to optimizing the watering schedule in your yard based on real-time moisture levels, Eve can also be used to adjust the schedule to take into account local watering restrictions, and can be accessed or controlled via a smartphone app.

The creator of Eve has been using a prototype of the third-generation version of the device for almost 6 months in several locations, and has now turned to crowdfunding to raise the money for the first production run of the smart irrigation controller.

Backers of the Eve Kickstarter campaign at the $55 level will receive one Adam moisture sensor, and those pledging $160 or more will receive one Eve 16-zone controller and one Adam sensor. A SmartThings Hub is required to use Eve, and is not included in the system.

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