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Over the past few years, many graphs have been worth thousands of words on the rise of solar power. It’s almost impossible to overstate how important the revolution that is happening right now is, and like most transitions, most people will only realize what’s going on after it’s mostly over. But not you guys and gals, you are ahead of the curve, and you’re grasping the importance of all this. In fact, I’m sure that many of you are driving this progress forward and helping it happen!

The chart above clearly shows that all of the solar power that we’ve installed on the planet until about 10 years ago basically didn’t amount to anything compared to what has been built in recent years. At some magical threshold, the price of solar per watt (in orange) hit some tipping point and installation exploded (the blue part), dwarfing anything from the past. And the beauty of having exponential growth on your side is that very quickly, even the current blue spike will look tiny. In 2020 or 2030 we’ll look back on 2015 and it’ll barely register as the beginning of the curve on the chart.

Here are a few other very telling charts that clearly show why solar will take over the world:


You can click on them to get more details.

DoE/Public Domain

This one is particularly striking because it goes back all the way to 1949 and shows other sources of energy. Solar was so expensive for most of that time that it didn’t even show on the chart, and price comes crashing down rapidly only at the very end.

EIA, CIA, World Bank, Bernstein analysis/Screen capture

Renewable Energy Policy Network/Screen capture

To close, here’s your fact of the day: Solar capacity worldwide is 53x higher than it was 9 years ago. How’s that for growth?

Via Bloomberg

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