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Not only does this bike design help get kids on wheels at an early age (and adjusts to fit them up to age 6), but it’s also made from 100% recycled carpet.

Having gone the traditional learning-to-ride route with one of my children, which consisted of using training wheels on a full-sized kids bike, followed by hours and hours of running behind them as they learn to balance after those were removed, and then a completely different route with the others (riding a balance bike first), I’m convinced that balance bikes are the way to go.

With no pedals in the way, kids can easily learn to sit and balance on the seat of the bike (also called a push bike) while moving, and because stopping or slowing down is as simple as putting their other foot down on the ground, it can take some of the fear out of cycling for children. Once they’ve mastered the art of scooting along on a balance bike, it seems to be much easier for them when it’s time to learn to pedal a regular bike, perhaps because they’ve learned to trust that the bike will stay upright while moving, so they don’t need to ‘try’ to balance.

There are a number of designs on the market for kids’ balance bikes, many of which are adjustable to accommodate a growing child, but the Wishbone Recycled Edition offers something a bit different with theirs, as it’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled carpet:

“We use pre-loved, residential carpet. It’s collected from home-owners in the United States, shaved to remove the backing, and shredded. Our recycler adds glass fibre for strength and turns it into millions of little resin pellets, ready for molding into a bike frame. Now that’s good. Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition is made from old carpet. Seriously.” – Wishbone Design

Lloyd covered Wishbone Design’s original wooden model several years ago, which is still being produced, and the Recycled Edition offers similar features, but uses recycled materials and integrates a new system for easy adjustability.

© Wishbone Design
The Wishbone Bikes are transformable from a push trike to a small balance bike, and then to a taller balance bike, but the Recycled Edition uses something they call the Rotafix system to make adjusting the seat and resizing the frame easy to do.

© Wishbone Design
The Wishbone Recycled Edition is available from the company’s ecommerce website for $199 (two-wheeled version), or $229 (three-wheeled version), and it comes in any color you want, as long as it’s black. The company does offer four different sticker packs for the Recycled Edition, however, which can give the bike a Camo, Paisley, Woodie, or Zebra look.

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