This video of a rottweiler dog trying to wake up his dead brother by barking at him will break your heart

Death is one of the few things that unite every animal on the planet, that’s why it isn’t hard to figure out what is distressing the dog in this video.

The poor pooch is apparently trying to ‘wake up’ his dead brother before his owners bury his body.

Barking into his ear, the rottweiler seems at a loss as to why his sibling won’t respond to his calls, and even growls as the owners try to shift the lifeless body into the grave.

Harrison Fisher, who uploaded the video, wrote: ‘This brought a tear to my eye. Who says animals are that unlike humans?’

Struggling against the man trying to pull him away from the body, the dog seems to accept the inevitable and gives his brother one last sniff goodbye.

… and here come the tears.

This dog trying to wake up his dead brother will break your heart
One last goodbye (Picture: Youtube / harrison fisher)

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