Three Beheaded In Riot At Brazilian Prison

Three prisoners have been beheaded and at least five other people injured in a riot at a Brazilian jail, authorities said.

Inmates took several prisoners hostage during the riot, decapitating at least three and throwing others off the roof.

They also took prison officers hostage, burned furniture and smashed rooms up with metal poles.

Police CaptainRicardo Pinto said the riot at the prison in the southern city ofCascavelwas ongoing amid negotiations over better conditions.

The revolt at the 928 bed jail began before sunrise on Sunday when a prison guard was captured during breakfast, Captain Pinto said.

Dozens of the prisoners climbed onto the building’s rooftop, with their faces covered with white fabric.

Local media images showed at least 30 rebellious inmates shouting while they beat men held with ropes around their necks, or whose hands were tied behind them.

The rioting inmates waved banners emblazoned with the initials PCC for a criminal prison gang formed in the 1990s.

Relatives arriving at the prison to visit inmates waited outside as night fell, trying to get information about their loved ones.

Jairo Ferreira, a lawyer for the prison guards’ union,said the inmates rioted to demand better food and medical care in the prison.

Captain Pinto said the revolt may also have been related to the recent convictions of two prisoners.

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