‘Thunderbirds’ Kickstarter appeals for retro puppet classic (Wired UK)

ITV / Anderson Estate

The reboot of Thunderbirds has already been confirmed for a second season but for some, the updated CGI visuals of the modern show will never match the charm of Gerry Anderson’s classic version.

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the “Supermarionation” legend, which saw the International Rescue organisation use advanced machines to save lives and fight villains around the world, one filmmaker plans to bring it back to its roots — or strings — with a retro remake.

Stephen La Riviére is developing Thunderbirds 1965, which aims to turn original 60s audio dramas into full episodes — possibly more than one, even. Puppets, models and physical sets will all be used, but built and designed with modern production techniques.  Development is approved by ITV, which is producing the current series, and even has the blessing of Sylvia Anderson, co-creator of the original series, and Jamie Anderson, Gerry’s son.

La Riviére, who previously produced Filmed in Supermarionation, a documentary on Anderson’s work, is crowdfunding the production with a Kickstarter campaign. Currently aiming for £75,000 total, it’s already raised £30k at the time of writing.

The audio comes from several story albums released alongside the classic show. These were basically books on vinyl, with voice actors and sound effects from the show itself, telling original stories. The first target is to adapt The Abominable Snowman, which saw Lady Penelope investigating a mystery in the Himalayas, before running afoul of series villain The Hood. If stretch goals are met, two further episodes will be produced: prequel Introducing: Thunderbirds and Lady Penelope Investigates…. The Stately Home Robberies, focusing entirely on International Rescue’s aristocratic agent and her butler, Parker.

Backers of Thunderbirds 1965 will be able to get the finished product on DVD or, even better, Blu-ray — high-definition episodes with original audio promises to be a real treat for fans. They also stand to pick up some props from the shoot, at higher pledge levels. If all goes to plan, the episodes will be available in December this year.

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9 July 2015 | 5:29 pm – Source: wired.co.uk


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