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ThyssenKrupp is missing a big opportunity. At a nearby amusement park, one of most popular rides is the Drop Zone, where you fall from the 230 foot tower, hit 60 MPH and then (hopefully) stop before you hit the bottom. The elevator company has just topped off the concrete of their new testing tower at 232 meters (804 feet), and they are filling it with elevators. How boring, that’s no fun at all.

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Then again, it could be a lot of fun, as Sandra Bullock put it in Gravity, one hell of a ride. These elevators are fast, and some of them even go sideways. They are going to be testing ThyssenKrupp’s amazing new MULTI elevator that was like a mass transit system on a wall, more like a Star Fleet Turbolift than an elevator as we know it.

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At the MULTI Launch, ThyssenKrupp showed renderings of the new playground they were building in Rottweil, Germany to test their new toys. It was slip-formed in 245 days; that’s fast, a rate of up to 4 meters (13′) per day.

“First the individual floors will be installed, because slipforming, in which the working platform rises continuously with the tower, has created a concrete tube complete with elevator shafts and walls”, says Ulrich Weinmann, member of the executive board at Ed. Züblin AG. Next, building services and elevator equipment will be installed starting in autumn. Work on the outer skin will then begin in March 2016.

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This is one building where you won’t have to wait for an elevator to get to the glassed-in top; there are twelve shafts, three of which will be used to test the Multi. It will be slick looking too, being designed by Architect/ Engineer Werner Sobek and Chicago skyscraper specialist Helmut Jahn. Too bad it doesn’t have a drop zone ride.

The MULTI elevator, with its abilities to go sideways and to have more than one cab in a shaft, is going to be a real game changer; as noted in earlier coverage, it has serious implications for building and urban design. It will be exciting to see it running here, even if it is just going up and down instead of sideways.

thyssenkrupp moving sidewalk in Toronto from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

a short video of the moving sidewalk in toronto

And if you do want to go sideways, ThyssenKrupp has you covered there, with their amazing variable speed moving sidewalks. Here is a video I took of an early model installed in Toronto; they are now, like the Multi Elevator, powered by linear induction motors.

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