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Every year at this time TreeHugger looks at the state of modern gingerbread architecture. I am a big fan of healthy building materials and have suggested before that if you can’t eat it, it shouldn’t be in your house. That’s why gingerbread is the greenest building material; it is non-toxic and biodegradable. Furthermore most gingerbread buildings tend to be small, putting them smack into the Tiny House Movement.

Now there is a third dimension to be added: Gingerbread is now officially part of the sharing economy, thanks to GingerbreadBNB. This new venture lets you book a virtual stay at a gingerbread home. Revenue goes to Robin Hood, a New York charity that provides shelter to homeless families.

© GingerbreadBNB

There are only three houses listed on GingerbreadBNB so far, a modern one on a beach with palm trees that’s nice, a rustic cabin with terrible art and a grandfather clock, I won’t even link to that one, and the cutest little trailer in the desert that I am totally captivated by.

© GingerbreadBNB

It has everything: a bunk bed, kitchen, washroom and a great sofa with cute cushions, and just nails the color scheme. Other specifications:

  • Stainless-sugar kitchen
  • Ginger-bunk beds with sour licorice linens provided
  • ½ candy bathroom (will not fit all gingerpeople)
  • Fully stocked macaroon fridge
  • Gingerbread sofa converts into tiny bed

© GingerbreadBNB

  • 5-ounce heater provides melted chocolate for the house
  • Spare cookie tire (for emergency eating only)
  • Fruit roll awning attached to camper roof
  • Private patio with gummy grill
  • Two pretzel wheel beach cruisers included with your stay

© GingerbreadBNB

I would book this in a New York minute. It’s also a lot cheaper, only $5 per night when the modern house on the beach is $20. Sign up at GingerbreadBNB and help the homeless get a real roof over their head. Hat tip to Fast Company

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11 December 2014 | 9:05 pm – Source: treehugger.com


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