Top 10 Android apps for business users: From Dropbox to digital butlers

Smartphone makers have been working hard to push their devices to enterprise customers for some time, claiming the pocket computers have the power to revolutionise the way we do business.

While from a hardware perspective this has always been true, Android smartphones have traditionally not had enough enterprise and productivity-focused applications to make good on their potential. It’s only recently that developers and enterprise service providers have seen the potential benefit of launching business-focused services on Android.

On the one hand this is great as it means Android users can finally be truly productive on the move without being tethered to their laptop and an active WiFi connection. But, thanks the sheer number of mobile services being developed and launched, the flipside of this is that it can be difficult for even the most tech-savvy individuals to know which app is best for them. So we’ve created a definitive list of the best Android apps currently available.

10. Never get lost

ExplorerGetting from A to Z is helped immeasurably by apps. Being an Android user means you already get the wonderful Google Maps from the off, but there are plenty of other useful services to augment this.

The Citymapper service is regarded as one of the best tools for getting around, as it fuses all kinds of travel data such as bus and train times and the nearest locations of key bus stops and stations into one, easy-to-use service.

More specific apps such as the National Rail or Trainline apps are also handy to have installed, while the Tube Map – London Underground app is a must for efficiency lovers who find themselves using the underground in London. It’s free to use but comes with some in-app purchase options including tube exits, which lets you know which carriage to board for the fastest possible alighting. The Live London Bus Tracker app is also handy.

British Airways offers a nice app for those heading overseas, while the Skyscanner app is a quick and easy way to search flights heading who-knows-where if you fancy hightailing it out of town at a moment’s notice.

TripAdvisor, Expedia and are also handy apps to have installed to find the best places to stay and hopefully bag a bargain too.

If, though, you’d rather watch the planes overheard than sit in them, the Flightradar24 Pro app (£1.99) is a cool way to see where planes are heading. Technology, marvelous eh.

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