Top 10 big data insights: Changing the world, data observatories and alien hunting

Big data is becoming an increasing common phrase in the technology market as firms move from trying to establish exactly what it is, to understanding how they can use big data tools to improve operations and performance.

This has seen numerous vendors unveil new tools and tout their wares to the market as they look to entice businesses to embrace this new era of big data analytics and the benefits it offers.

V3 has acted on this too. The V3 Big Data Summit featured content from video webinars to whitepapers and news stories looking at how this trend is shaping the business landscape.

We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting insights from the past few weeks to ensure you’re up to speed with everything that’s happening in this fascinating area of the enterprise technology landscape.

10. Embrace open source

The Hadoop elephant logo

Building tools to pull big data together and sift through it for analysis requires specialist knowledge and no shortage of coding skills.

Big data analytics is moving fast, and it can be difficult for some firms to get a software tool onto the market in time for it still to be cutting-edge beyond six months or so.

But tapping into the vast collective knowledge of the open source community is a way around this problem, according to Pentaho. Creating tools that are based on open source frameworks gives companies a foundation to build on, allowing them to add functionality on top of code that has input from a wealth of experts.

Software companies can come into their own through the addition of solid user interfaces that allow companies to harness big data without encountering any of the underlying complexity of open source frameworks. 

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