Top 10 cloud computing benefits: Flexible, economical, secure

The cloud is becoming a vital part of many businesses’ IT strategies. Rarely a week goes by when V3 isn’t reporting on a new service being unveiled or hearing from a company about how they are benefitting from the cloud. This week saw both SAP and IBM post strong demand for cloud services, helping boosts their revenues.

We know the cloud is not the answer to all IT needs, as we noted in our top 10 cloud computing concerns in May. But it would be churlish to deny its benefits, of which there are many.

So, this time around we’ve focused on the top 10 benefits of the cloud, to understand a bit more about why it is proving so popular and why firms considering the move would do well to embrace the change.

10. Meet those green commitments

environmental-esgMoving your IT to the cloud has many benefits, but one that’s perhaps not immediately obvious – though actually quite important – is that it’s pretty energy efficient.

Major companies such as Microsoft or Apple have much better financial clout and economies of scale than most businesses worldwide to source the best possible deal on power from sources such as solar and wind to make them viable.

Greenpeace has praised Microsoft and Apple for their efforts in this area, and those using these companies for their cloud services can feel good they’re doing their bit for the planet.

Those on Amazon Web Services may have to think twice, though, as Greenpeace has been fairly critical of the company for failing to move towards renewable energy.

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