Top 10 data breach survival tips after eBay, Spotify and Office breaches

With eBay, Spotify and even shoe seller Office all having suffered data breaches in the past few weeks it is clear hackers’ interest in corporate data is growing all the time.

These firms can’t plead ignorance of the threat either, as recent research from security firm Symantec reported hackers managed to successfully compromise 552 million web users’ identities over the past year, so the risk has already been well documented.

Not only can a breach result in the victim losing customer trust and future business, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) can hit organisations with fines as high as £500,000 for data loss incidents. All in all, data breaches can be costly affairs.

In light of all these recent incidents the need for IT managers and businesses as a whole to know how to handle a data breach is more essential than ever. So V3 has put together a survival guide that could help save the day. Read on.

10. Don’t alert hackers you’re on to them too quickly 

hacker-computerThe temptation whenever you spot an intruder on your network is to act immediately and kick them out straight away. But, as noted by numerous security providers, including BAE Systems, this approach is fairly short-sighted.

By acting rashly you can alert the hackers that you’re on to them too early, meaning they can adapt their tactics to dodge your defensive measures. A rushed strike can also make it more difficult to understand the full extent of the breach as it gives the hackers time to hide their tracks and makes it harder for IT managers to do key things, like finding and fixing the attackers’ point of entry.

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