Top 10 events of 2015: Windows 10 launch, Dell buys EMC and Ashley Madison hack

2015 is rapidly being consigned to the history books, and the V3 team has taken a look back over the year to consider the biggest stories and the impact they had and continue to have.

So get comfy, grab a mince pie and a strong drink, and relive the most exciting, intriguing and jaw-dropping moments of 2015.

10. Google transforms into Alphabet

Alphabet logo

Google was a range of different divisions, from search and Android, to driverless cars, drones, fibre broadband and experimental technology. So to make sense of all these separate units Google restructured in August into Alphabet, in a move nobody was really expecting.

Alphabet is run by Larry Page, and includes Google’s Ventures startup funding arm, Google Capital, Google Fibre and the experimental Google X division. All of which will drop the Google prefix.

Google itself, with Sundar Pichai at the helm, now consists of the firm’s core services, such as Search, YouTube, Android and Maps.

Page touted the restructure as a way to ensure that Google does not get too comfortable “doing the same thing” and instead finds new ways to create innovative technology and services, and enable left-field work in areas such as life sciences not to encroach on Google’s main offerings.

But with Alphabet and Google financials being made separate, it could be seen as a way to provide shareholders with more clarity into the performance of Google as a search and mobile software provider, and how much money is being spent on more experimental projects.

We will have to wait until 2016 is well under way before the impact of the restructure can be truly seen.

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