Top 10 exciting devices for 2016: iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 and Surface Book 2

2015 is rapidly coming to an end, gadget lovers, and product development teams are already looking ahead to 2016 to consider some of the biggest devices for next year.

There’s no prize for guessing which companies are likely to continue dominating the market as Samsung, Google, Apple and Microsoft continue to battle it out for laptop, tablet and smartphone supremacy.

However, there will be others out there also hoping to generate some buzz, whether that’s in new areas like virtual reality (VR) or 3D printing, or through innovative Kickstarter projects that are still be to dreamed up and pitched.

V3 has put together a rundown of the devices it thinks will generate the most attention in 2016, although of course we hope the year ahead may spring some surprises with new weird and wonderful devices hitting the headlines.

10. Virtual reality headsets

Samsung virtual reality weekend at the British Museum

Next year will see the arrival of the first commercial launches of VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift from Facebook and Sony’s Project Morpheus.

These will work with existing games consoles and should usher in a new era of entertainment and gaming, as we move from merely watching films or playing games on a screen, to feeling as if we’re really in them.

It may not take off overnight, especially if prices put off all but the most ardent gamers, while the designers remain very much first generation. But most people who have experienced VR come away sold on its potential, so we wouldn’t be surprised if VR becomes fairly mainstream by the end of next year.

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