Top 10 General Election promises, problems and policies: From broadband to surveillance

The General Election is just a few weeks away and the main parties, and a few on the fringe, have issued their manifestos in an attempt to sway voters into backing them for power for the next five years.

V3 has been through each one, picking out the core technology promises to see the topics on the politicians’ agendas. We’ve also looked at the main tech problems any incoming party will face.

10. Cyber security efforts


The next government will have to make cyber security a top priority as the threats facing the nation continue to proliferate.

The coalition ploughed around £1bn into cyber security efforts, from training programmes to cyber security insurance initiatives, and all the parties have promised that they will continue these efforts.

Labour, for instance, said that it would require every company that works with the Ministry of Defence to sign a cyber security charter.

“This would reduce the risk of hackers using small suppliers to break into the systems of major defence companies or the department itself,” the manifesto said.

The Tories, meanwhile, have committed to improving cyber security through reforms to police training and the expansion of ‘cyber specials’, volunteers from outside law enforcement with the skills to tackle cyber crime.

The Lib Dems would commit to a strategic defence and security review to give the police and intelligence agencies the resources to combat threats.

“[We will] use the [review] to establish a Single Security Budget, including not just conventional defence spending but the work of our security agencies, cyber defences and soft power interventions,” the manifesto said.

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