Top 10 Google Glass features: Translators, how-to guides and augmented reality

Since Google first launched its Glass Explorer programme in the US in 2012, UK buyers have viewed the technology with cautious curiosity.

However, early revelations about the tech and an ongoing lack of updates from Google, about if and when it would expand the Glass Explorer programme outside of the US, meant that until now interest in the technology has never really exploded.

Luckily with Google Glass now on sale in the UK, interest in the wearable technology has reignited, and businesses and general consumers across the nation are wondering how and if it can help them.

Here to help answer these questions, having extensively played with Google Glass at the London launch, we’ve created a definitive list of the wearable tech’s best features.

10. Push updates from news services
Google Glass update will offer ear bud support and ability to add lens as firms pushes capabilitiesThese days it’s hard to avoid the news. Twitter Timelines run wild whenever something big breaks, phone apps buzz with alerts, and friends rush to text, “Oh my god, have you heard…” and Google Glass will take this to a whole new level.

Now, wearers of the Glass kit will be able to have updates sent right to their eyes. This will remove that tiresome need to turn your head down to look at your phone or worse get it out of your pocket, and remove the need to have to click to visit your favourite news website or watch your Twitter Timeline.

It will only be a matter time before you’re on a train and you hear someone exclaim loudly that a celebrity has been arrested, and turn to see they’re wearing Google Glass.

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