Top 10 Healthy Takeaways To Try This January

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When they say green, they mean green. The Super Green Pho at Pho restaurant.

After a month of gorging on sausage rolls, mince pies and eggnog, we realise it might be time to redress the balance. If you find your jeans are feeling decidedly snug, yet you’re lacking inspiration to cook, it might be time to let one of these restaurants do the hard work for you. 


Peruvian food delivered to your door? We never thought we’d see the day. Martin Morales’s dishes of fresh fish marinated in citrus burst onto the scene in 2012 and were instantly popular alongside killer pisco sours. Try the Don Ceviche, which is sea bass, Amarillo chilli tiger’s milk (a mixture of lime juice with flavourings like chilli and ginger), sweet potato, red onion and limo chilli. Those still hankering for a taste of Christmas could try the charred sprout salad on the side, which comes with butternut squash, Amarillo chilli cream, roasted almonds and cisco-infused raisins. This may just be the swishest takeaway anyone ever ordered, with a bonus chaser of smug. 

Available in the east central and Mayfair areas. Check Deliveroo for exact delivery areas.

Peruvian ceviche is fresh and light after the Christmas stodge. Photo: James on Flickr.

222 Veggie Vegan

We included 222 Veggie Vegan in our list of the best vegan restaurants in London, and it has a loyal following of customers who are drawn in by the vegan roasts and tofu cheesecakes. If you’re looking to reduce meat intake and up the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet this January, then this could be one for you, delivered to your door, of course.

Available in the Fulham area. Check Deliveroo for exact delivery areas.

Chicken Shop 

Okay so you’d be advised to stay away from the chips if you want to keep things healthy, but there’s a lot worse you can do than order a rotisserie chicken, side salad and hot sauce to your front door. The chickens are free-range, and the salad is made with soft butter lettuce and avocado. It’s good quality food that isn’t a greasy heap of noodles or a big pile of carbs. We’re all about the balance, see.

Check Deliveroo for delivery areas.

Chickens on a rotisserie at Chicken Shop. Photo: Chicken Shop.

Chisou Sushi Counter

This Mayfair-based restaurant has a wide range of sushi, noodle dishes, curries and grilled items. We love their mixed chirashi bowl, which is salmon, tuna, prawn and sea bream sashimi on sushi rice, especially when served with a side dish of seaweed and cucumber in rice vinegar, and a soothing miso soup. There’s something so comforting about sushi, yet it’s still light and healthy.

Available in the Mayfair area. Check Deliveroo for exact delivery areas.


Vietnamese food often leans towards the light and fresh, so it’s easy to order a healthy meal. Summer rolls are fresh rice paper rolls filled with herbs, vermicelli noodles, pickles and prawns, chicken or vegetables, and there are plenty of spicy salads available to wake up the taste buds after a month of sugar and pastry. If you’re after something warming then a classic pho noodle soup could be the way forward, or try their new green pho, which has green beans, morning glory, pak choi, lime and Thai basil in a veggie broth with extra garlic. 

Check Deliveroo for delivery areas.

Spicy pho at Pho.


Okay so this is one for the hardcore amongst you. Mydetoxdiet offers a menu of juices, ‘super boosters’ like wheatgrass shots, shakes and vegan and gluten free snacks. You can even go the whole shebang and order a one-day juice cleanse, which will get you five raw juices, one coconut water, one wheatgrass shot, and one supplement kit. It’s one way to shed the Christmas bulge…if you’re brave enough.

Available in the Greenwich area. Check Deliveroo for exact delivery areas.


Leon might be a high street chain but they offer a great range of healthy lunch boxes, including plenty of options for vegetarian and vegan diners. Their hot boxes, which include options such as sweet potato falafel, and chargrilled chicken with chimichurri all come with brown rice and coleslaw, and their original superfood salad is packed with lots of green vegetables, plus feta and toasted seeds. You can even order a ‘better brownie’, which is low glycaemic load, made with dark chocolate, almonds, chopped walnuts and orange oil.

Check Deliveroo for delivery areas.

Get gobi, not gobby. The gobi lunchbox at Leon.

Koshari Street

Koshari is an Egyptian dish consisting of lentils, rice and vermicelli, topped with a spicy tomato sauce, chickpeas and caramelised onions. We suggest combining it with a fresh tabbouleh salad of parsley and mint, flecked with cracked wheat, and dressed with a Lebanese seven-spice dressing. It’s healthy comfort food, basically.  

Available in the West Central area. Check Deliveroo for exact delivery areas.


It’s possible to choose very well from this fresh Mexican menu, which offers a range of salads for delivery. The frijoles super bean salad is broad and black beans with queso fresco (fresh cheese) and mescal salsa, while the Nopales is grilled cactus, tomatoes, avocado and habanero salsa. This is some seriously fancy salad.

Available in the Mayfair area. Check Deliveroo for exact delivery areas.

Make like an Egyptian at Koshari Street. Photo: Koshari Street.

Farm Girl

Stuck for a healthy breakfast? Farm Girl could be the answer. Order in porridge with millet flakes, chia seeds, a pinch of Himalayan salt and an omega seed mix with amber maple syrup. There’s avocado toast, should you still be able to contemplate eating one of the trendiest snacks of last year, plus hearty lunchtime sandwiches and super food add-ons.

Available in the Notting Hill area. Check Deliveroo for exact delivery areas. 

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